Inspiration Rx # 12

This posting comes to us via Norway where the Aurlandsfjellet Tourist Route opens to the public next month. This scenic mountianous road starts at a platform that stands perched over 650 feet to Norway’s deepest  fjord. The view must be absolutely stunning to say the least, for across from the platform is a white capped mountain that stretch as far as the eye can see. Take a look for yourself and enjoy a picturesque view at

The Hilltop stairway  built by the Dutch NEXT Architects firm, seems on the surface to a small and rather ordinary walkway set on top of a hill. However a topographical view of the structure  give the viewer another perspective. The overall shape of the structure resembles a teardrop that had been taken from the yen yang symbol. Due to the design of this walkway, many start off by taking a walk on it, but somewhere along the way, people have ended up just hopping off of it. Pleasing to the eye, perhaps not so much for the body. Check it out at

Now a days, China has been on an artistic and architectural push, and this is no different. A New York design firm WXY Architecture had built this , what appears to be a double helix structure  as a foot bridge that even in the evening seem a safe place to walk due to the entire bridge is illuminated at night. Located on the Nanhe-River, the structure is simple in its approach yet spans across the river to connect two land masses in the Xinjin in the Sichuan province of China. See more on this topic at ://

Speaking in terms of conceptual design, a firm named moomoo has put together a mock up of their latest concept the I house. It is a house that is entirely wrapped in insulation that was initially intended to be used primarily on roofs. The overall result seems to be much plainer that that of the traditional home that has windows and so forth, for the covering do not appear to accommodate the windows. See more on this interesting approach to design see here at

Out of Germany come this rather interesting take on the cube and just what can be done to change and or manipulate it to serve the needs of the builder or the designers client. It is a cantilevered white structure is which the same motif that is seen from the outside is mimicked on the inside in terms of the simplicity. Really cool Design, see it here at



Inspiration Rx #11

Fresh off the press during the Expo in Milan is a unique collection of furniture and window coverings that were designed by Dutch designer Lex Pot. They achieve this stunning effect by sandblasting the soft areas leaving behind what looks like installed yet very fine toothpick panels. Read the article at

They say bigger is better, and man is this place huge! A London based firm named Grimshaw, working with Nordic and Haptic has announced plans for what may be the largest airport terminals located in Istanbul. This will be the largest airport under one roof. See the images and be amazed at

Now this is sure to inspire anyone, especially those who appreciate gardens. Grimshaw, along with Samoo have collaborated on the building of a National Ecology Center botanical greenhouses in South Korea where exotic birds, tropical plants, and even waterfalls are housed inside this huge biodome. What more fascinating than the building is the overall shape of the structures themselves.

Up some zzzz’s, then this is what you have been waiting for. A sofa that fuses the latest sound absorbing technology while maintaining versatility. Introducing the MEET sofa, designed exclusively for different types of activity, whether family or business, this sofa handles it all. check it out at

This next citing take the term form fit to the next level. Web site named Dezeen, along with Mini Frontiers, micro robotics have teamed together to change the face of the fashion industry as we have come to know it. As the title of the report states, ” Cloths will shrink to fit at the push of a button within the next five years. See this revolutionary new look and technology at




Inspiration Rx #10

You know, there is something to be said about innovation in design. The firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson had designed the lodge for a family at the Kicking Horse Mountain  ski resort in Canada, was named as one of the top architects and earned the  American Institute of Architects‘ 2014 Housing Awards earlier this week. As striking as the exterior appears, the most impressive was the interior, with the stairwell was utilized as a dresser, rather than the arrant bathroom. See for yourself the sleek and function resort at

Gotta give it to the Aussies for this one, a pavilion that combines a sharp sloped roof with the curvature base on the Australian countryside. Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects built this structure which resembles the famous auditorium locate in Sydney. Behold the spaciousness of this building and stand in awe at

Here is an example of furniture that offers a change of direction. A Berlin clothing store buy Mexican design studio Zeller & Moye use display stands that are concertina-shaped stands on the sales floor. A change in the way that a stores sale floor is utilized. Although they are made of raw concrete boards, the look and feel are soft and contrast well to the walls that frame the store. Learn more about this design at

In China, a marvelous structure is being built that appears to defy gravity. The plan is to have the building complete for the run up to the next Milan 2015 Expo. Studio Link -Ar, and Chinese founded company headed up by Chinese architects Yichen Lu and Qinwen Cai, accompanied by Kenneth Namkung had collaborated along with Tsinghua University to create this wavy structure.

In the spirit of this particular posting, I finish with a rather odd looking structure which reminds me of a Roger and Martin Dean creation. A Chilean architect named Smiljan Radic designed the Serpentine Pavilion and was named designer of the year constructing this edifice translucent domed structure out of white fiberglass. See it here at


Inspiration Rx # 9

At first glance this house was built excclusively of bamboo. Taking a more deeper look, you start to see that  is not the case. The exterior is completely wrapped in bamboo, while he interior of mortared stone, the motif of bamboo is repeated throughout the structure. So thorough was the wrap, that the privacy fence obscures the view of passersby’s. Click the link and check out the slide show presentation for yourself. Really col stuff.

Now this should get you thinking outside the box. How many of you consistently grapple for space to put stuff and just cannot seem to find any room If this has happened to you, then this post is right up  your alley.  If you want to learn more, click the link below and open your mind.

For those of you whom appreciate well crafted carpentry, this is right up your alley. John Smith Architects have put together a custom bookcase that is sure to surprise even the novice carpenter. Elegant curves accompanied by gorgeous grains of wood, truly a must see. Check it out here at

The United States government has done it once again, more importantly the U.S. Mint has just created a coin that is out of the ballpark. The new commemorative coin features a curve on its face to show the baseball including the stitches. A nice piece for the old collection, if you are able to find one. See it for yourself at


Straight out of Milan and inspired by elements of nature come a interesting vision of lamps that will amaze your senses. Immediately you start asking yourself is it ice or glass that is illuminated. Maxim Velčovský who is the art director for Lasvit is quoted as saying, “I was very much inspired by nature, when water becomes ice.” Read more at


Inspiration Rx #8

Happy Spring Break! This weeks Inspiration Rx features A long anticipated movie premiere of Rafeal Grandpa’s Dark Noir. a 3D animated film. There is no greater feeling than seeing a project come to it’s conclusion. Read more about this artists dream come true from concept to preview at

What will the makers of Rolls Royce come up with next? Stefan Munro had used the concepts and DNA of the RR branding that he had learned during his internship to his advantage in creating the 450EX yacht. Rolls Royce has been the leading luxury vehicle manufacturer representing the utmost in style prestige for years in the automotive industry, now that has been extended to the sea. See the final protégé here at

They always say what goes around comes around, especially when it comes down to style. Rene Magritte was an artist of the early 1900’s is now finding his art on this year’s fashion line hitting the store Opening Ceremony. See it here at

Did you ever wonder what really makes up a television show, mainly the actual Logo itself. In the article ” The Anatomy Of A Great Late-Night Logo, According To Pentagram,” Pentagrams writer Emily Oberman did extensive studing on this topic and tells her findings here at

The last inspiration come to us via Fast Company with the introduction of the Bloom. Blankets which are commonly used by everyone on the surface are basically flat, well  Bianca Cheng Costanzo former employee of Apple, decided to investigate the blanket once more from a 3D point of view. To learn more and get even further inspired, read on here

From here on in, it is back to work towards the finish line. Have an Inspired Week Everyone!




Inspiration Rx #7

This next inspiration comes by way of Japan Traveling exhibition called Tokyo Graphic Passport 2014A traveling exhibition of Japanese artistry and design. This exhibit showcase some of the best and brightest in the art industry in Japan. From poster makers to film maker, there sure to be a taste for just about anyone who is into the Asian art scene. See it here

Part of my being inspired is directly tied to my love of music. Now Chevrolet has partnered with Beats to bring us all the music we want, just the way we want within the confines of our own personal vehicle. Check out the latest innovation in music enjoyment and technology can bring you @

Now this next subject is percisely mean to be judged by its cover. Note books that are designed every year by different artist and displayed for the sole purpose to be judged amongst the rest. Each book is different and serves a different purpose. See the images and judge for yourself whether this suits you @

There is much one can do with the alphabet, especially in the 3 D mode. A german company Foreal has assembled a complete set of letters featuring many motifs such as skin, food, organics, and arranged in original manner. See the whole set @

Last on the list is a rug that had been created from a painting. See the article @

Have a Blessed Week !

Inspiration Rx #6

Todays source of inspiration was initially spawned by an animated Oscar winning movie “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”. Read more about this alternative for book storage at

For all those of you that are technology driven, here is a concept vehicle that was inspired by the honey comb shape of a wasps nest. The result is a vehicle named The Duality, go check out this concept vehicle at

Here’s another concept vehicle that looks as though it is still in the design phase yet shows promise of being a trendy avenue for Renault. check it out here at

Up and coming graphic designer, Diego Paccagnella, from Padua Italy is a outside the box designer now re-located in New York. Discover what his process for inspiration here

This next one is right up my alley, food. However, it provides a different spin on the traditional idea of Sushi. Design Nori Laser cut seaweed for Sushi, puts an artistic and subtle patterns and designs of this popular Japanese cuisine. See more info on this latest trend at