The Top Ten List of Art I Produced at D.C.A.D.

I have place several images here that I believe is my strongest work to date from my experience at Delaware College of Art & Design. Of course the are more than ten images, however this is the best art that I had been produced during my two years at college. From Graphic Design, Drawing II, Photography I, Visual Communications, and Illustration these images represent the extent of my learning and the ever vigilant pursuit in the realm of artistic achievement!

SAMSUNG 2014-01-01 21.04.42 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Emulation-6 A Day on the Make 4 Print Time Surrealism03 Sakura Sushi Logo Project 2 Sakura Sushi Logo Project 1 The Odyssey Book Cover Color Jeff Toy Midatlantic Wine + Food Fest 2014 Poster Emulation-6 A Day on the Make 4 Print Time Surrealism03