Inspiration Rx # 12

This posting comes to us via Norway where the Aurlandsfjellet Tourist Route opens to the public next month. This scenic mountianous road starts at a platform that stands perched over 650 feet to Norway’s deepest  fjord. The view must be absolutely stunning to say the least, for across from the platform is a white capped mountain that stretch as far as the eye can see. Take a look for yourself and enjoy a picturesque view at

The Hilltop stairway  built by the Dutch NEXT Architects firm, seems on the surface to a small and rather ordinary walkway set on top of a hill. However a topographical view of the structure  give the viewer another perspective. The overall shape of the structure resembles a teardrop that had been taken from the yen yang symbol. Due to the design of this walkway, many start off by taking a walk on it, but somewhere along the way, people have ended up just hopping off of it. Pleasing to the eye, perhaps not so much for the body. Check it out at

Now a days, China has been on an artistic and architectural push, and this is no different. A New York design firm WXY Architecture had built this , what appears to be a double helix structure  as a foot bridge that even in the evening seem a safe place to walk due to the entire bridge is illuminated at night. Located on the Nanhe-River, the structure is simple in its approach yet spans across the river to connect two land masses in the Xinjin in the Sichuan province of China. See more on this topic at ://

Speaking in terms of conceptual design, a firm named moomoo has put together a mock up of their latest concept the I house. It is a house that is entirely wrapped in insulation that was initially intended to be used primarily on roofs. The overall result seems to be much plainer that that of the traditional home that has windows and so forth, for the covering do not appear to accommodate the windows. See more on this interesting approach to design see here at

Out of Germany come this rather interesting take on the cube and just what can be done to change and or manipulate it to serve the needs of the builder or the designers client. It is a cantilevered white structure is which the same motif that is seen from the outside is mimicked on the inside in terms of the simplicity. Really cool Design, see it here at



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