Inspiration Rx #11

Fresh off the press during the Expo in Milan is a unique collection of furniture and window coverings that were designed by Dutch designer Lex Pot. They achieve this stunning effect by sandblasting the soft areas leaving behind what looks like installed yet very fine toothpick panels. Read the article at

They say bigger is better, and man is this place huge! A London based firm named Grimshaw, working with Nordic and Haptic has announced plans for what may be the largest airport terminals located in Istanbul. This will be the largest airport under one roof. See the images and be amazed at

Now this is sure to inspire anyone, especially those who appreciate gardens. Grimshaw, along with Samoo have collaborated on the building of a National Ecology Center botanical greenhouses in South Korea where exotic birds, tropical plants, and even waterfalls are housed inside this huge biodome. What more fascinating than the building is the overall shape of the structures themselves.

Up some zzzz’s, then this is what you have been waiting for. A sofa that fuses the latest sound absorbing technology while maintaining versatility. Introducing the MEET sofa, designed exclusively for different types of activity, whether family or business, this sofa handles it all. check it out at

This next citing take the term form fit to the next level. Web site named Dezeen, along with Mini Frontiers, micro robotics have teamed together to change the face of the fashion industry as we have come to know it. As the title of the report states, ” Cloths will shrink to fit at the push of a button within the next five years. See this revolutionary new look and technology at





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