Inspiration Rx #10

You know, there is something to be said about innovation in design. The firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson had designed the lodge for a family at the Kicking Horse Mountain  ski resort in Canada, was named as one of the top architects and earned the  American Institute of Architects‘ 2014 Housing Awards earlier this week. As striking as the exterior appears, the most impressive was the interior, with the stairwell was utilized as a dresser, rather than the arrant bathroom. See for yourself the sleek and function resort at

Gotta give it to the Aussies for this one, a pavilion that combines a sharp sloped roof with the curvature base on the Australian countryside. Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects built this structure which resembles the famous auditorium locate in Sydney. Behold the spaciousness of this building and stand in awe at

Here is an example of furniture that offers a change of direction. A Berlin clothing store buy Mexican design studio Zeller & Moye use display stands that are concertina-shaped stands on the sales floor. A change in the way that a stores sale floor is utilized. Although they are made of raw concrete boards, the look and feel are soft and contrast well to the walls that frame the store. Learn more about this design at

In China, a marvelous structure is being built that appears to defy gravity. The plan is to have the building complete for the run up to the next Milan 2015 Expo. Studio Link -Ar, and Chinese founded company headed up by Chinese architects Yichen Lu and Qinwen Cai, accompanied by Kenneth Namkung had collaborated along with Tsinghua University to create this wavy structure.

In the spirit of this particular posting, I finish with a rather odd looking structure which reminds me of a Roger and Martin Dean creation. A Chilean architect named Smiljan Radic designed the Serpentine Pavilion and was named designer of the year constructing this edifice translucent domed structure out of white fiberglass. See it here at



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