Museum Book | Collateral Final Overview

Since February 14, 2014, our class had been given an assignment dubbed the Museum Book Project. Although the topic is completely up to the designer and or illustrator, there were certain goals which had to be met before continuing to the next phase of the project. We first had to blog three different choices of what we would like to see as a museum exhibit. Of the three that were blogged, we then narrowed our choices down to just one. The three that I had chosen initially were. 1.History of Echizen Ningyo (Dolls), 2. History of Echizen Paper & Culture, 3. Japanese Armor Design. Of the choices listed I decided to represent the Japanese Armor Designs and give explanation as to the functionality, name, purpose, and the construction of the overall suit.

The first step in the process was to create a set of “Mood Boards”, which were to be used not only as tools to keep us on the path towards our initial concept, but to also show the direction of that concept, which were submitted to a critique so as to further enhance the dynamics of our ideas. The Mood Boards were to show not only the concept, but to break down that concept into four separate or different components of that idea in detail. Once that had been established, we were then instructed to approach this project as though we were actually doing the work for an actual museum or venue event. Of course, I choose to run with the idea of the Japanese Armor, from a stance of their construction, function, design elements, as well as the overall beauty and elegance within the suits design. The first weeks set of spreads were the Kabuto or Helmet, for we had to create four different spreads to present that one aspect.

The following week, an additional four spreads were generated for the Kote section, with some revised spreads from the week prior. All the while, critiques were given to make suggestions or minor tweaks along the way to maximize the impact of our individual representations or topics. At this particular point, everyone should have been well on their way towards developing a their books based on the level of critiques and suggestion made for each student. Then we had been cut loose on our paths to go ahead and finish the other chapters of our books and to have them ready for critique. Following that week, we then had to do some hardcore editing of the pages from what we keep and that which was to be deleted. Apart from a;ll that, I had prepared for the book center spreads that showcased the armor in their detailed beauty and grander.

Now came the time for the mock-up, which is basically a smaller version of the entire vision for the work to be displayed visually. After making all the necessary changes, along with keeping in line with the timeframe, we were requested to write an About Page detailing the significance of the exhibit and to provide the viewer with some insight into the exhibit process. The other about page, I had outlined the actual assignment, so that when people read the book, they will have a general understanding of what had actually had gone into the development of the material, research, and the accumulation of the information that had gone into this project. This assignment should also show show your level of attachment to the ideas contained herein as well as demonstrate your total understanding of the project of the work involved.

Now we move to the closing of the project, whereby we print our book as we  had intended it to appear, however we have another twist to contend with, that being additional elements were added to compliment the work we had done. This area of the process is the Collateral, where we are to create Event Tickets, T-Shirt Outlines, Event Posters, and a Wildcard Item which could be anything, as long as that had some relevance to the topic at hand. For this section, I had created a 24 x 36 Event Poster which had been a much larger form of the Book Cover Art, Event Tickets to match, A T-shirt Design that conveyed the quiet nature of the book direction, and as a added touch, Hashi (Chop Sticks) with a reinforcing motif to the topic . All of this, which was due today in class and ready to be presented to the rest of the class. All-in-all, a well written and fully explained accumulation of history, displayed as though the work was actually in a museum. Below are images of the book and all the swag that had been produced to complete this visual experience. Enjoy! Active File Bushido Armor of the Warrior Museum Book Print 1 copy, Bushido Armor of the Warrior Poster 24×36, Ticket, Event T-Shirt Product Design Finish,




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