Inspiration Rx # 9

At first glance this house was built excclusively of bamboo. Taking a more deeper look, you start to see that  is not the case. The exterior is completely wrapped in bamboo, while he interior of mortared stone, the motif of bamboo is repeated throughout the structure. So thorough was the wrap, that the privacy fence obscures the view of passersby’s. Click the link and check out the slide show presentation for yourself. Really col stuff.

Now this should get you thinking outside the box. How many of you consistently grapple for space to put stuff and just cannot seem to find any room If this has happened to you, then this post is right up  your alley.  If you want to learn more, click the link below and open your mind.

For those of you whom appreciate well crafted carpentry, this is right up your alley. John Smith Architects have put together a custom bookcase that is sure to surprise even the novice carpenter. Elegant curves accompanied by gorgeous grains of wood, truly a must see. Check it out here at

The United States government has done it once again, more importantly the U.S. Mint has just created a coin that is out of the ballpark. The new commemorative coin features a curve on its face to show the baseball including the stitches. A nice piece for the old collection, if you are able to find one. See it for yourself at


Straight out of Milan and inspired by elements of nature come a interesting vision of lamps that will amaze your senses. Immediately you start asking yourself is it ice or glass that is illuminated. Maxim Velčovský who is the art director for Lasvit is quoted as saying, “I was very much inspired by nature, when water becomes ice.” Read more at



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