Inspiration Rx #7

This next inspiration comes by way of Japan Traveling exhibition called Tokyo Graphic Passport 2014A traveling exhibition of Japanese artistry and design. This exhibit showcase some of the best and brightest in the art industry in Japan. From poster makers to film maker, there sure to be a taste for just about anyone who is into the Asian art scene. See it here

Part of my being inspired is directly tied to my love of music. Now Chevrolet has partnered with Beats to bring us all the music we want, just the way we want within the confines of our own personal vehicle. Check out the latest innovation in music enjoyment and technology can bring you @

Now this next subject is percisely mean to be judged by its cover. Note books that are designed every year by different artist and displayed for the sole purpose to be judged amongst the rest. Each book is different and serves a different purpose. See the images and judge for yourself whether this suits you @

There is much one can do with the alphabet, especially in the 3 D mode. A german company Foreal has assembled a complete set of letters featuring many motifs such as skin, food, organics, and arranged in original manner. See the whole set @

Last on the list is a rug that had been created from a painting. See the article @

Have a Blessed Week !


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