Inspiration Rx #6

Todays source of inspiration was initially spawned by an animated Oscar winning movie “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”. Read more about this alternative for book storage at

For all those of you that are technology driven, here is a concept vehicle that was inspired by the honey comb shape of a wasps nest. The result is a vehicle named The Duality, go check out this concept vehicle at

Here’s another concept vehicle that looks as though it is still in the design phase yet shows promise of being a trendy avenue for Renault. check it out here at

Up and coming graphic designer, Diego Paccagnella, from Padua Italy is a outside the box designer now re-located in New York. Discover what his process for inspiration here

This next one is right up my alley, food. However, it provides a different spin on the traditional idea of Sushi. Design Nori Laser cut seaweed for Sushi, puts an artistic and subtle patterns and designs of this popular Japanese cuisine. See more info on this latest trend at


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