Inspiration Rx #8

Happy Spring Break! This weeks Inspiration Rx features A long anticipated movie premiere of Rafeal Grandpa’s Dark Noir. a 3D animated film. There is no greater feeling than seeing a project come to it’s conclusion. Read more about this artists dream come true from concept to preview at

What will the makers of Rolls Royce come up with next? Stefan Munro had used the concepts and DNA of the RR branding that he had learned during his internship to his advantage in creating the 450EX yacht. Rolls Royce has been the leading luxury vehicle manufacturer representing the utmost in style prestige for years in the automotive industry, now that has been extended to the sea. See the final protégé here at

They always say what goes around comes around, especially when it comes down to style. Rene Magritte was an artist of the early 1900’s is now finding his art on this year’s fashion line hitting the store Opening Ceremony. See it here at

Did you ever wonder what really makes up a television show, mainly the actual Logo itself. In the article ” The Anatomy Of A Great Late-Night Logo, According To Pentagram,” Pentagrams writer Emily Oberman did extensive studing on this topic and tells her findings here at

The last inspiration come to us via Fast Company with the introduction of the Bloom. Blankets which are commonly used by everyone on the surface are basically flat, well  Bianca Cheng Costanzo former employee of Apple, decided to investigate the blanket once more from a 3D point of view. To learn more and get even further inspired, read on here

From here on in, it is back to work towards the finish line. Have an Inspired Week Everyone!