Inspiration Rx #5

This weeks inspiration highlight is an interview featuring Gary Taxali and his new solo show which is set to premier at Jonathan LeVine Gallery Saturday 22 February. Taxali talks shop, show,and provide a glimpse of his up coming show titled Unforget Me which he is doing totally solo and you can read about his process here at

This next inspiration is for the interior stylist whom likes colour, a glimpse into the home of Simone Haag. Although there was little written about the event, I believe that the photos go a long way into the various colour combinations and pairings that can be achieved. See these pics for yourself at

Check out this once garage now converted into a illuminated cabin by the folks at Greypants agency.

Here is a thought invoking article of a piece that will have you all gripped into its text.

Here for the final post which ends this session on a strong note is the latest innovation in automobiles being rolled in the near future. How about a cell phone charger built into the seat restraint system. Well, from the news room of Yanko Design is the full article you can see it for yourself.


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