Museum Book Critique & Recap

The objective of this assignment is to expose us to the concept of creating a Museum Book for an actual exhibit. The first part of the assignment was to create three “mood boards” for the three different examples that we had chosen to do as museum books, each one broken down into four different categories. The concept which I will explore is Japanese Shogun Armor and the many components and functions which they serve. As explained by the instructor, they are the tools or guides to help remind us of the initial thought process and the direction which the project was originally going, and for whatever reason we get stuck, we can always refer back to them. The first part of the critique was to pick the best and or favorite design which we were to expand upon even further and place that on the top, followed by the other two on the bottom. From there we discussed the strengths and or weaknesses of the design, suggesting possible alternatives to solving the problems in order to make a more dynamic representation. Some of the other students have moved further in the process having fully resolved all issues and are turning to the next phase which is to pick out one of the four sections and to write about that particular section and to also keep in mind that we are to make three different of the same spread with subtle differences in type with no more than 300 words, layout, and the placement of the images being used. Something else to consider is the page number which places this either in the middle of the book or the end, chapter title, and other typographical devices which can be used to keep the audience enthralled into the topic.


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