Inspiration Rx: Post #4

You know, there is something to be said about simplicity within design, and this is no different. Hot off the internet press comes The Wallmonds Hanger, a sculptural yet functional wall mounted hanger which deviates form the stereo typical types floating around these days. Composed mostly of plywood and beech wood, it is elegance within a frame.. Not only can you hang your clothing from it but you can also slide newspapers or documents inside it as well.

From time-to-time, there is that one occasion to choose a gift to get someone whom has everything. Well, here is an alternative to that, give them a little Nothing. Pim de Graaff created Nothing with the intension that one should not focus on what they do not have, rather they should turn their thoughts toward enjoying what they already own. Here is what Nothing looks like!

Trompe l’oeil, which means to fool the eye, and a recent example of this thought can be seen in the Metropolitan Republic Reception Desk that looks at first glance appears to be a letterform M which is actually a desk. Jesse James was asked by a South African advertising firm to imagine what their reception area would look like. This was his answer to them.

Talk about alchemy, a Cyclone Lounger by Uhuru, a Brooklyn based  deign firm, reuses or repurposes materials to create their line of furniture.  Taking elements from the Coney Island boardwalk that had be demolished, the inspiration for this design came from The Cyclone rollercoaster and transformed their materials into beautiful lounge furniture. Check it out for yourself.

I am constantly amazed by discoveries such as this one. Initially found during the creation of this man-made-lake, The Lion City is currently submerged under water and has become a tourist attraction. What surprises me is the level of articulation that had been achieved on a two dimensional plane.

Dive into the unknown and embrace it!


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