Inspiration Rx: Post #3

In this posting from Cool Hunting, first up is an interesting example of different approaches in creating visually stunning art, whether in textiles such as rugs, or expanding on already popular tradition like tea to investigate various themes like the three legged table, and lastly, mosaics arranges in slightly different patterns or forms. See more at

Something, a design firm founded by two designers Daniel Debiasi and Frederico Sandri were inspired by elements taken from a chemistry lab and turned what could be perceived as ordinary into something extraordinary. These designers developed Labo, a lamp comprised of borosilicate glass, a material used primarily for beakers and other testing equipment. to find out more, click on the link below to read the full article.

Spotted on Fubiz, here is a unique video called “Walking City” which is a dedication to the 1960’s  architectural group Archigram. See it here.

How can anyone not be inspired by Calder. Swiss Miss posted these images of Calder’s Mobiles and Stabiles which belong to a admirer of Calder. I simply cannot get enough of his work. See it for yourself.

As I am about to bring this posting to a close, I would like to finish with a new take on the exercise ball called The Chiro Coach that was created by designer  Entwurfreich. Designed behind the premise of physical therapy, this ball works with mobile through Bluetooth to offer an individualized customer workout.

Until the next post!


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