Inspiration Rx #1: Inspiration in History & Design

This was originally posted on my alternative blogsite on January 31, 2014.

During this week, I was combing through the New York Post and ran across an article, Secrets of the Parthenon, and was enlightened to read that a new discovery had been made regarding the frieze and the relationships to Egyptian Mummies. While scientists were examining a mummy, they discovered an ancient play from Greece written in a lost Greek text. The full article can be found at the following site,

The Wall Street Journal had an article on artist Yinka Shoniborne, whom is having a show of his work, in Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation, apparently the first contemporary commission in 80 years or so. read on

From time-to-time, something just catches your eye and makes you stop in your tracks, even me. On Fubiz, I came across an interesting creation called Lumio Folding Book Lamp, providing luminance in a classy form, a book. Check it out at

For the technically savvy artist, a new app has emerged called ARCHIPAD: A SKETCHING APP FOR ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS developed by a company called Urban Design which allows the user to create and design on-the-go. For more on this read the article at

Finally, for those who are inspired by the antics of politics, there is an excellent video on youtube of Andrew Napolitano speaking at the 2010 Mises University entitled Whatever Happened to the Constitution which can be watched here

Have a pleasant week. I will return with more tidbits from our world of Art, History, and Politics.


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