Make It Work Recap

Now I have reached the end of the refine  phase of the Make It Work Project  for my Restaurant Logos. Perhaps that hardest thing for me to do was to associate a font with a culture like Japan. However persistence does pay off.  First I had to draw 30 quick sketches, and then the following week select three for further development. After that, I selected different text, which for a while there was a disaster. I then downloaded additional text, then everything that the teacher said came into view. I am quite happy with the way my designs come out and it was worth the struggle.

Untitled-2 copy copyUntitled-1


Simon Says: Define and Discover

In this assignment, we were given the task of illustrating in a step-by-step method of how to doing something, which can almost be anything at all. We first have to choose the topic, in my case it is related to igniting a match. The audience is adult, and it involves a book of matches, and the proper way in which to use matches.

1. Firmly hold match book in one hand.

2. With the other hand, open match book.

3. Select a match and fold over to crease.

4. Rip match from the book.

5. Close match book.

6. Place match on striker.

7. Pull match across striker until lit ( usually once will due ).

8. Once finished, douse match in water to prevent accidents.

Tin Can Salesman: Refine & Deliver

Now after several weeks of working with this assignment, we are now moving towards the completion of the image in  preparation for its display. This allowed me to address issues and make improvements to the overall design before moving forward in the delivery phase. During last weeks critique in class, we were able to see our design in the physical form, actually on the can as it would appear on a shelf. I have to admit, seeing it “in the round” took on a different meaning, for up until then I only saw it as flat. Seeing it like that, without a frame, upright and at attention was a new experience. A really cool thing to experience.

Can of Whoop Ass 8 Can of Whoop Ass 5 Can of Whoop Ass 11 Flat ImageCan of Whoop Ass 1