Assignment: The Tin Can Salesman

The outline for this assignment was base on the Pet Rock. We were given a naked can and asked to design a label for the can that did not give away or elude to something inside the can. The measurements for this can were 9 1/4 inches around and 4.0 inches tall. Your design has to wrap around the can purposefully and neatly.  We were working on this as a class assignment for two weeks and scan this into the system and post it while still in the design phase. Here is my take on this assignment, Whoop Ass in a can.

Whoop Ass 001


Make it Work: Define, Discover, Design.






Define: I choose a Japanese restaurant to create a Logo design. Of the items that could be found there, pick two items and create thirty line drawings.

Discovery: Of the thirty designs that were created, narrow down further to just one that was the most effective.

Design: Now, using only the one design that was the most effective, investigate different ways to make it more dynamic and clean.